Some recent projects i have been involved in:

Detailed Project Descriptions

Sentimental Analysis of Tweets                                                                                 
Fall 2013

People share their preferences on Twitter using “tweets” which provide rich information for companies/institutes who want to know about whether people like a certain product, movie, or service.

In this work, a model was developed to predict the movie popularity from sentiment analysis of Twitter data talking about movies. Analysis of the tweets in 2009 and recent tweets in 2012 was done and manually tweets were labelled to create a training set, and train a classifier to classify the tweets into: positive, negative, neutral, and irrelevant. Further a metric was developed to capture the relationship between sentiment analysis and the box office results of movies. Finally the model predicted the Box Office results by classifying the movie as three categories: Hit, Flop, and Average. The project also includes investigation on related topics like the relationship between tweet sent time and tweet number.


Spatial Search, content extraction and Crawling the World Wide Web            Spring 2012

Used Apache Tika parsers to extract text from a set of over 2000 PDF files and searched for content in the dataset

Created a program using Apache Nutch to crawl the world wide web, and download contents from a website and unraveled the date from the segmented, distributed binary data that Nutch stored in Apache Hadoop

Spatial search and visualization: Geo-tagging each of the PDF files from a local repository using the dataset  and using Apache Solr search engine technology to load the geo-tagged data into Solr, making it available for spatial search.
Created a web page that enables searching the PDF files for keywords and integrated web page with Google Maps to plot locations of the search results on a map.

Technologies Used: Apache Tika, Apache Nutch, Apache Solr/SIS
Programming Language Used: Java
Platform: Ubuntu, Windows
Detailed Description of Project: Web Search Engines     Source Code of Project

Spatial Databases Access Point Tracker                                                                 Spring 2012

In this application, we consider a list of wireless internet access point in the spatial DB, we need a system to keep tracking the location of wireless access-point and people who covered by wireless internet access. Each building can be regarded as polygons.

This program first design and create spatial database. At front end the GUI  has an 820x580 map panel that shows 4 kind of query on the spatial DB.

4 kinds of queries: Whole Region, Range Query, Point Query, Find AP-covered people.

Programming Language Used: Java (AWT, Swing)
Database Used: Spatial Database features (Oracle 11g)
Detailed Description of Project: Spatial Database Tracker
Source Code of the Project
Demo of the Application on YouTube

Operating System Simulation using Nachos OS                                                   Spring 2012

The project is to build an operating system from scratch. Initially a very simple, but functional, operating system called Nachos (Not Another Completely Heuristic Operating System) was used and we had to improve the functionality and performance of Nachos.

The project has four phases, corresponding to four major pieces of a modern operating system:
1. Thread Management (Multi-Threading)
2. Multiprogramming
3. File systems and Virtual Memory
4. Networking

Phases are built on previous phases; for example, the file system uses thread management routines. The end result of the project is a distributed application with each player on a different computer connected by a network.

Programming Language used: C/C++
Detailed Description of the Project
Source code of the Project


Tweet Flixster Movies                                                                                                 Fall 2011

Created an android app to retrieve movies from Flixster based on zip code and then posting them to Twitter using Twitter API.
Developed backend in Perl which acquired data from Flixster website and implemented OAuth for Twitter to update user status

Platform Targeted: Android Operating System for Handheld devices
Technologies used: Perl, JavaScript, JSON, XML, Java Servlet, Android SDK, Java

Detailed Description of the Project
Source Code of the Project
Demo of the Application on YouTube

Dimple Key Generator                                                                                           Spring 2007

Done at UP Tech University and  T&C Technology (India) Pvt. Ltd
Strategized & Implemented concepts & skill sets to develop an application in VB 6 to fabricate Dimple Keys using CNC Controller
Engineered the application to reduce cost, time in lock manufacturing industries by 50% & utilized Windows inbuilt file system to reduce the cost of databases by $200 per instance installation of the application.

Programming Language Used: Visual Basic 6.0
Detailed Description of the Project


Industrial Oven Controller                                                                                      Spring 2006

Done at T&C Technology (India) Pvt. Ltd Fall 2006
Developed a solution for an industrial project to ascertain routing, temperature controlling of Ovens used in Power Houses

Programming Language Used: Visual Basic 6.0

Spiritual Meditation Website                                                                            2008 - Present

Developed and deployed a website for Ramashram Satsang ( Update and maintain website frequently
Increased speed, performance of website by implementing Steve Souders website performance rules & methods

Zombiesaurs Game for iPhone                                                                                    Fall 2011

Developed a side scrolling game for iOS platform (optimized for Phone) using Objective C, Xcode & Cocos 2D Game Engine.

Platform Targated: iPhone iOS)
Programming Language Used: Objective C
Programming Environment: Xcode, Mac OS X
Game Engine: Cocos 2D

Demo of the Game on Youtube


Sudoku Solver                                                                                                              Fall 2011

Implemented a project to generate and solve a Sudoku puzzle using brute force technique.

Programming Language Used: C++

ERP Management System                                                                                 Nov - Dec 2008

Done as a part of Initial Learning Program training at Tata Consultancy Services
Implemented an ERP Management system using Scheme programming langauage (MIT). Planned the data flow, ERD and created modules for database updates  

Programming Environment: Dr. Scheme MIT


Stock Exchange Automation                                                                              Jan - Feb 2009

Done as a part of Initial Learning Program training at Tata Consultancy Services
Implemented an application to automate Stock Exchange notifications in real time. Developed the frontend in UNIX which fetched database from Oracle 9i. Developed two Modules and integrated all Modules.

Programming Language & Technolgies used: Oracle 10g, PL/SQL, Unix

Website Development

Here is a list of websites i have developed and deployed: 

Personal Portfolio Website
Technology Blog
Website for a Spiritual Organization
Website for a Real Estate Agency
Website for an Industrial Firm

Web Technologies used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Wordpress CMS, PHP

Web Application :  
Web Application :   

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