Side Projects

Launch Hackathon 2014 - Expedia/Capital One (Winner)

San Francisco, California

TravelNanny is a personal Nanny who takes care of all your travel stuff so you can focus on the things that matter.

Launch Hackathon -2014 Project
Expedia Blog Coverage Fork at Github !

Get Bookmarks Chrome Extension

San Francisco Bay Area, California

Quick hack to download Bookmarks in JSON/HTML and mail them.
Still in Beta. Work in progress.

Download the Chrome Extension Chrome Extension

San Francisco Bay Area, California Create a quick short url to share with friends, Twitter, Chat etc.
One click to break the Webpage or current tab and share it with social networks.

Download the Chrome Extension URL Shortening Services

San Francisco Bay Area, California Create a quick short url to share with friends, Twitter, Chat etc.
Powered with QR code APIs
Registered user can analyze the clicks generated on a map and can see statistics like hits, regions etc.

Short your URLs here !

Open Source Contributor at Shutterfly

San Francisco Bay Area, California

One of the first open source contributor at Shutterfly Inc.
Mimo is a HTTP/API Mocking Platform that enables you to Mock APIs. Emulations can be simple responses with a JSON body and headers, or they can be dynamically changed using JavaScript functions.
Mimo was created as part of Shutterfly's Hack Day 2013

Fork at Github

San Francisco Bay Area, California

A curated collection of tweets by hottest startups in San Francisco bay area.. !

Face of the Microsoft community, Featured at Microsoft HQ, Redmond

Redmond, Washington

Spiritual Meditation 2.0

San Francisco Bay Area, California

Redesigned STM from scratch.

STM Website

Launch Hackathon 2013 - Kohl's (Winner)

San Francisco, California

PrizeShopn is a fun mobile app that adds game mechanics to the mobile shopping experience. Shop, win prizes, or win discounts to shop.
Kohl's API Winner.

App Page
Launch Blog Coverage


San Francisco Bay Area, California

Worked as a backend software developer (Volunteer) to set up Sewa Family Services website.
Developed and integrated Ticketing system, Login System, Volunteer Search modules.
Primarily worked in PHP for the backend services, also used Javascript libraries, MySQL, CSS frameworks for the website.

Featured Here

PayPal Hackathon - Battlehack 2014 Boston (Volunteer Developer Evangelist)

Google Glass

Geeked out with Google Glass and worked on Google Glass App development with Android SDK

Raspberry Pi

Geeked out with Raspberry Pi to configure and setup RBP-OS, XBMC

Windows Phone Applications

Windows 8 Applications

Developed and published Windows 8 apps at Microsoft Windows Phone Store

Windows 8 App Store

Hackathon - Recommendation System

Many a times we miss birthday/anniversary of Friends/family, thanks to Facebook, we have a lot of data and user liking/preferences to solve the above problem, we mine the facebook information and use recommendation engines to curate a list of likings mine the info for suitable suggestion for user's friends.

Fork at Github !

Beacaon Workshop/Hackathon 2014

Tried out Beacons (BLE) devices and worked on a hack using Beacons.

Yahoo Hackathon 2013

Augmented Reality based social game with real world local business and services. This give unleash the potentionals in multiple ways, and got great business model.

Fork at Github !

Microsoft Hackathon 2012

W8_TV_Show_Countdown at Github !

LinkedIn Hackathon 2012

CloudGator at Github! Linkedin hackathon 2013 definition of programmer

Gitpro - 2014 Volunteer

Global India Technology Professionals Association
Gitpro Website

Admin, WindowsVJ (Aug 2009 – Present)

Technology Company

Writing code examples, tutorials, wiki styled how-to's, technology/product reviews from a consumer as well as technical user blended views.

Deployed and maintained PHP Code base behind Wordpress 3.5.2 CMS and MySQL database supporting the CMS.

Worked with tools like cpanel, filezilla, Fantasico De Luxe, npp++ ftp plugin

Integration of web services like Google Adsense, Facebook Plugins, Akismet anti splamming, Recommendation system for blog posts/articles, Google Feedburner, CAPTCHA, RSS Feeds.

Worked with web configurations, troubleshooting, debugging, security, upgrade and enhancement of the entire web service to perform a seam less experience.

Worked over Responsive and Modern UI (Microsoft Windows 8 Inspired) design and layout for the entire service.

WindowsVJ Website

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