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The objective of the software is to provide an environment for production and industrial tasks which can ensure reduction in design and production cost, lead time, inventory levels as well as increasing productivity, quality with the help of computer technology.  

This system generates the G-code files for a type of key, called Dimple Key.

The scope of the software can be defined in relation to the following points.

1. Managing all the data about key properties of millions of key in arranged files.

2. Making Text files which contain all information about key properties.

3. Making G-code files for Master key and Grand Master key.

4. Generating the Dimple key after executing the G-code files in machine.  

We are making G-code files for generating the Dimple keys with the help of machine.   Dimple Key vs Blade Key The key in figure having cuts on the blade of the key. The key made by these cuts are not security promising in many cases because of many reasons such as: The tools are easily available to make these kind of keys and are cheap in rate so the key duplication is very easy.  

Whereas Dimple Key is the one having Dimples on faces and edges instead of cuts. These dimples are engraved with the precision of millimeters by the machine used to generate them. The Key made by this way can not be duplicated easily (Virtually Impossible) and as the generator is being designed with the principle that each key must be unique i e. none of two combination of dimples on the key should match.


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